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Marina Services


The Whangamata Marina can offer a comprehensive range of services:


Storm Watch! During a storm we make regular checks around the marina for the safety of all vessels but, if you would like us to go aboard and inspect your lines, bilges and watertight integrity, just give us a call.


Alarm Investigation: If we hear an alarm onboard your boat, we will call you to let you know, but if you would like us to investigate further and try to rectify the problem we will see what we can do.




Wash Down: We can refer you to boat valet services to provide full wash downs with quality marine product and a full chamois dry afterward to ensure the vessel is dry to a quality shine.


Cut and Polish: We can also refer you to contractors to arrange to bring back that shine and whiteness to your gel coat. A tell-tale sign of needing a cut and polish is gel coat powder running down your clears or windows.


Waxing: Waxing should be done every three to six months to keep your boat in top condition. This will shield your vessel from harmful UV rays and avoid gel coat deterioration that would normally lead to a cut and polish. Wax your boat frequently!


Teak Treatment: Teak is always in need of TLC. Teak should ideally be washed with fresh salt water once a month.


Trailer boat storage: Limited long term trailer boat storage is available on site. Please contact the marina manager for details.

Travel Lift: 35 Tonne capacity with maximum beam of 5m.                                                                                              



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